HIROSE – DF62- New Tooling


We are now able to provide cable assemblies with HIROSE DF62 connector

DF62 Series : wire to wire for small spaces


2 x 2.2 mm Pitch, Wire-to-Wire Connectors for Small Spaces

1. The slim, sleek design and smooth contour combine to complete connections in tight spaces.
2. Secure lock mechanism
3. Reliable contact structure
4. Robust contact structure
5. Multiple variations available
6. Applicator sharing

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HIROSE – DF22 – New Tooling


We are now able to provide cable assemblies with HIROSE DF22 connector

DF22 Series Features

7.92mm Contact Pitch High-Current Connectors for Internal Power Supplies (UL, C-UL and TÜV Listed)

1. Rated up to 43A
2. Positive Locking Function
3. Prevention of Incorrect Connections
4. Molded-in contact retention tabs
5. Prevention of incorrect board placement
6. Supports resin sealing
7. Prevention of Short Circuits between Adjacent Contacts
8. Increased Retention Force of Crimped Contacts
9. Full Line of Crimp Socket Contacts
10. In-line Connections
11. UL, C-UL, and TÜV Certified.
12. Glow Wire compliance (Compliant with IEC 60695-2-11)

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HIROSE – DF63W – New Tooling


We are now able to provide cable assemblies with HIROSE DF63W connector

DF63W Series


3.96mm pitch compact waterproof connectors for internal power supplies

1. Max current of 14A
2. Compact shape designed for wiring through narrow areas
3. IP67 Rated
4. Simplified wire insertion
5. Positive lock structure
6. Compatible with a wide variety of cables
7. Mis-mating prevention with color and guide key options

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We introduce the new Laser Stipping Machine for really critical application where the blade stripping is not reliable enough.

automotive, medical application, aero space.

They are particularly suitable for stripping very fine gauge micro coaxial wires and ribbon cables used in the high volume production of computer inter-connect, mobile phone and other electronics applications.

Strips various wire configurations such as:

    • Single wire
    • Twin lead
    • Twisted pairs
    • Coaxial
    • Ribbon cables
    • Multiple wires or cables simultaneously

    Dual axis systems are capable of performing cross cuts and slits allowing window strips and patterns programmed via the PC software.

    AMPMODU Mod IV and Mod V


    We enlange the capability of AMPMODU family. In addition to Mod I and Mod II we are now able to crimp AMPMODU Mod IV and Mod V.

    Rugged and reliable wire to board connectors for automotive, medical instruments and other demanding applications

    • Wire to board system
    • Polarization
    • Strain relief

    AWG 24-26 : 2-87195-4

    AWG 28-32 : 167021-2

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    Hirose DF57


    DF 57 Features

    Low Profile “Swing-Lock” Board to Wire Connector for Power
    (Compliant with UL-CSA standards)

    1.Reinforced lock structure with swing lock
    2. Header lock improves plug retention
    3. Highly reliable contact structure

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    HIROSE - DF52 - New Tooling


    We are now able to provide cable assemblies with HIROSE DF52

    DF52 Features

    0.8 mm pitch, Small & Robust Wire to Board Connector

    1.0.8 mm pitch, 1.75 mm height 4.1 mm depth small connector
    2.Rated up to 2.5 Amps MAX with AWG#28, 2 pos.
    3.Robust design is tolerant of cable wiring.

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    HIROSE - DF59 - New Tooling


    We are now able to provide cable assemblies with HIROSE DF59 connector


    2mm Pitch, Multi functional Connector System.
    (Floating [Board-to-Board], Swing-Lock [Wire-to-Board], Short Pin)

    1. Floating Structure (Board-to-Board)
    2. Swing Lock Structure (Wire-to-Board)
    3. Short-Circuit Pin Connector

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    nuova pressa per contatti torniti


    · Crimping force 25 kN

    · Crimp unit for insulated and uninsulated 0.08 mm² to 10 mm² ferrules.

    · For crimping turned male and female contacts

    · Interchangeable 4-indent units, also available for MIL

    · Indent settings in 0.01 mm increments, with digital setting and readout

    HIROSE - DH nuovo tooling!


    HIROSE - DH features

    High speed transmission, 1 mm pitch Small Interface Connector

    1. Small Design
    2. Robust Design
    3. Excellent Shielding for EMI Prevention
    4.Wide Variation

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    We can supply cable assembly with HIROSE DF19 connector, one of the best LVDS connector on the market.

    DF19 Features

    1. Small configuration and board space
    2. Common use of receptacle
    3. Uniform external dimensions
    4. Variety of mounting styles
    5. Ground connection
    6. Glow wire compliance (Compliant with IEC60695-2-11)

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